CFast 121 Portable Duplicator - Mini Series

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    • Standalone, no PC required.
    • High-speed copy reaching 3.9GB/min at each port.
    • Compatible with all CFAST cards.
    • Supports bit-by-bit copy for all formats.
    • Data Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, and DoD erase.

CFast 121 Portable Duplicator is an advanced and versatile device designed to meet the demands of professionals who require efficient data duplication and distribution via CFast cards. With its standalone design and impressive features, the CFast 121 duplicator offers convenience and high-speed performance without the need for a PC.

The CFast 121 Portable Duplicator is designed with diversified media compatibility and high-speed performance in mind. It serves as an efficient solution for professionals who require quick and reliable data duplication. One of its notable advantages is its portability, enabling you to copy CFast cards anywhere you need.

The user-friendly interface of the CFast 121 Portable Duplicator ensures stress-free operation without the need for a steep learning curve. Its ergonomic design facilitates efficient operation, allowing for simpler insertion and removal of flash cards. Additionally, the new design enhances space utilization, making it more practical for various work environments.

Beyond its duplicating capabilities, the CFast 121 Portable Duplicator incorporates several ingenious smart device check functions. These functions include flash device quality check, real capacity check, speed check, and device formatting. With these checks in place, you can ensure the integrity of your CFast cards and identify any potential issues that may affect performance.

The CFast 121 Portable Copier presents itself as an economical solution for data copy and distribution via CFast cards. By investing in this device, you can save both time and money. Its smart and reliable features deliver outstanding performance and quality, streamlining your workflow and minimizing costly errors.


The CFast 121 Portable Copier comes equipped with the following features:

  • Standalone design, no PC required for operation: This copier eliminates the need for a computer, making it a standalone solution for CFast card duplication. It allows you to copy data without relying on additional hardware or software.

  • Compatible with any kind of CFast card in the market: Whether you're working with standard CFast cards or proprietary formats, this copier supports seamless duplication across all CFast card types. It ensures compatibility with a wide range of media, providing versatility and convenience.

  • Peak transfer speeds up to 3.9GB/min. per port: With impressive transfer speeds, this copier allows for rapid data duplication. It ensures efficient workflow, saving you valuable time when handling large-capacity targets.

  • Supports bit-by-bit copy for all formats, including proprietary and unknown formats: The CFast 121 Portable Copier offers comprehensive support for all CFast card formats, including proprietary and unknown formats. It ensures accurate duplication by performing a bit-by-bit copy, maintaining data integrity.

  • Data Sanitization: Quick Erase, Full Erase, and DoD Erase: In addition to data duplication, this copier provides data sanitization options. It allows you to erase data quickly, perform a full erase, or utilize the DoD erase method for secure data removal.

  • Supports up to 2TB maximum capacity: The CFast 121 Portable Copier supports a maximum capacity of up to 2TB. It accommodates high-capacity CFast cards, making it suitable for professionals working with large volumes of data.

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Technical Specs

Model: CF121
Target Ports: 1:1
LCD Display: 2x20-Backlit Monochrome LCD Display
  • 2 LED (Red/Green) Indicators per Port
  • Green (Pass) and Red (Fail)
Control Panel: 4 push buttons (Forward, Backward, OK, Esc)
Power Requirements: Power Adapter Input: 100-240VAC / 47-63Hz / 0.31A Max.
Power Adapter Output: 5VDC / 2A
Physical Dimensions (LxWxH): CF121 – 110 mm x 150 mm x 35 mm (4.33 in. x 5.91 in. x 1.38 in.)
Product Weight: CF121– 0.5 kg (1.10 lbs.)
Operational  Temperature: 5°C ~ 45°C (41°F ~ 113°F)
Non-Operational Temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C (-4°F ~ 185°F)
Humidity: Operating: 20% ~ 80%, non-condensing
Non-operating: 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing
Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH
Compatibilities: Compatible Devices: CF Type I/II, CF1.0, CF2.0, CF3.0, CF4.0, CF4.1, CF5.0, and CF6.0.
Compatible Devices (Requires Optional Adapters): CFAST
Supported Formats:
  • Quick Copy Function: FAT16/32/64, Windows (NTFS), Linux (Ext2/Ext3/Ext4), and Mac (HFS, HFS+, HFSX).
  • Whole Device Copy Function: All Formats, including proprietary formats.
  • GPT, MBR, and Advanced Formats.
Supported O/S: All (Windows, Mac, Linux, and other proprietary systems).
Product Features: Operation Type: Stand-alone, FPGA-based operation (Non-PC based design).
Bandwidth Performance: Peak transfer speeds up to 3.9GB/min. (66MB/sec.).
Dedicated bandwidth enables high-volume replications without speed degradation.
Controller Design: Embedded controller is designed to support capacities over 2TB+.
Constant improvement supports latest market-available devices.
Read-Only Source Port: There are no options to disable this built-in feature ad it is integrated with all U-Reach duplicators.
Portable Design: Handheld design with all new metal chassis for rigidity 
Product Functions: 2 Copy Modes:
  • Quick Copy (System & Files): Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Whole Media: Copies bit-by-bit regardless of format and data type.
Compare (Verification): Bit-by-bit data comparison from the source device to target device(s
3 Sanitization Modes:
  • Quick Erase
  • Full Erase
  • DoD Erase (DoD 5220.22-M)
Media Checking Tools: Diverse tools for verifying flash quality for bad sectors, capacity authenticity, and read/write speeds.
Do Format: Automatically detects and formats device(s) to either FAT16 or FAT32.
Measure Speed: Performs speed check by overwriting and reading the connected device(s).
Capacity Check: Verifies the maximum capacity available.
Calc. Checksum: Calculates the checksum value from the source device.
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