Flash Drive Duplicators

Efficient, high-speed flash drive duplication

U-Reach flash drive duplicators stand alone in the market, offering the unique capability to duplicate well over a hundred targets at one go. This outstanding performance makes them the flash drive duplicator of choice for businesses needing high-volume production.

The secret lies in their innovative multi-core duplication technology. Unlike competitors, U-Reach ensures that duplication speed remains constant, whether you're duplicating a single target or a batch of 200. The cutting-edge flash drive duplicator technology assures a constant speed, high accuracy, and broad compatibility with devices from multiple brands. It's no wonder that many leading manufacturers worldwide have chosen U-Reach as their primary source of flash drive duplication solutions.

Decades of experience in industrial flash drive duplicator solutions

For over a decade, U-Reach has been at the forefront of flash drive duplication solutions for the manufacturing industry. It's an honor to offer top-notch production equipment to corporations recognized globally. We've worked closely with our customers to develop a variety of equipment types to meet their specific needs.

U-Reach surpasses other flash drive duplicator suppliers in several key areas. Our duplication solution supports the largest device capacity and the most significant target quantity in the market. Furthermore, we've designed our flash drive duplicators to enhance production efficiency by offering value-added features like:

    • Quality Examination of USB drive
    • Speed and capacity Quick Filtration Check
    • Production management and yield analysis report, designed specifically for Supervisors' needs

By considering a range of application environments, we've developed a suite of models to cater to different customer requirements, reaffirming our position as the leading provider of flash drive duplicator solutions.

U-Reach Flash Drive Duplicators

 a versatile range designed to revolutionize your data duplication needs!

USB Flash Drive Duplicators: Swift, secure, and supercharged, our USB duplicators let you effortlessly clone multiple USB drives simultaneously. Bursting with efficiency, they ensure your vital data is replicated with precision, making large-scale duplication a breeze.

SD/microSD Flash Drive Duplicators: Small yet mighty, these duplicators cater to your micro storage needs. Copying data from one SD/microSD card to numerous others has never been more efficient, saving you valuable time and resources.

Compact Flash Card Duplicators: Your gateway to seamless duplication! Equipped to handle Compact Flash cards, these duplicators ensure every byte is duplicated with lightning speed and accuracy, boosting productivity to new heights.


CFast Flash Drive Duplicators: Cutting-edge and unstoppable, our CFast duplicators deliver unparalleled performance. Experience data duplication like never before, as they duplicate CFast cards flawlessly, amplifying your workflow and minimizing downtime.

Elevate your data duplication game with our cutting-edge Flash Drive Duplicators. Power-packed with efficiency and reliability, these duplicators are the ultimate solution for your diverse duplication requirements. Don't settle for less - choose the best! Order now and witness the magic of seamless duplication at your fingertips.