HDD SSD Duplicator FAQ

Demystifying the HDD/SSD Duplicator: Your FAQs Answered

Absolutely. You can indeed clone HDDs of different sizes. However, you must be aware of the copy mode you're using. If you're utilizing the quick system and data copy mode, the duplicator will check if the data are within the range of the target's capacity. If the data exceed the capacity of the target, duplication will not be permitted. Furthermore, if you're duplicating NTFS formatted data, the target HDD's capacity must exceed the source HDD's by at least 1MB.


The duplicator copies the source HDD bit by bit even the quick copy. The quick copy will analyze the HDD first, and duplicate all system and files of the source.



IT series can support copying with a SATA-IDE converter. Please contact your distributor for purchasing the converter.


IT/MT SAS series can copy.

Several reasons can contribute to a failed copy operation. - Initially, ensure the data on the source HDD hasn't exceeded the target HDD's capacity.

    • If you're duplicating data in NTFS format, ensure the target HDD's capacity is at least 1MB larger than the source HDD's.
    • If the copy process halts and fails mid-operation, verify if there are too many bad sectors in the target or source HDD. You can increase the tolerance for bad sectors using Function 6.2 Skip Error.
    • If the reason for the failure remains unclear, please document the operation process in as much detail as possible.

This will aid us in diagnosing your issue. Information like how you operated the duplicator, the model number and version, the brand, capacity, data size, format, and partition of both the source and target HDDs, and a description of the problem including LCD display images if possible, are all extremely helpful.

A few factors might result in slow copying.

HDD speed limitations can slow down the process. Please verify the speed of the HDD on your PC.

The position of your HDD could also be a factor. Ensure the HDD is placed either 0 degrees horizontally or 180 degrees vertically. Any tilt could slow down the HDD's read/write speeds due to the HDD's design.

If you're duplicating multiple HDDs simultaneously and the process is slow, check if this is happening on only a few specific targets. This could indicate that the connector module may have been damaged from use. If this is the case, reach out to your local seller to replace the connector module or mobile rack.

You can use Function 2. Compare to conduct a bit-by-bit comparison of the source and target HDDs, guaranteeing data accuracy.

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