Flash Drive Duplicator FAQ

U-Reach Canada's Flash Drive Duplicators offer unparalleled speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Whether you're duplicating content for distribution, backing up important files, or ensuring data integrity, our solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of both individual and corporate users. With advanced features like "Quick Copy" for time-efficient copying of only data-containing areas, and "Whole Media Copy" for a bit-by-bit duplication, our products ensure your data is replicated with precision.  


U-Reach Canada's Flash Drive Duplicators stand out in the industry for their exceptional speed, accuracy, and user-friendly design. Whether you're looking to duplicate content for distribution, backup crucial files, or maintain data integrity, our duplicators are tailored to cater to both individual and corporate needs with unmatched efficiency. With innovative features such as "Quick Copy" for swiftly duplicating data-filled areas and "Whole Media Copy" for meticulous bit-by-bit replication, our products guarantee precise duplication of your data every time.  


Our FAQ section contains valuable information and expert tips on maximizing the potential of your Flash Drive Duplicator. Whether you're a seasoned user or a newcomer exploring the possibilities, our comprehensive guide will provide insights and solutions to common inquiries. Trust U-Reach Canada's Flash Drive Duplicators to streamline your data duplication process and ensure seamless replication of your valuable content.

Frequently Asked Questions about U-Reach Flash Drive Duplicators: We've Got You Covered

Quick Copy : (Select Function 7.2 Copy Area –System and files ) can smartly reduce copy time by copying only the area that contains data with supported format. When you select Quick Copy, the duplicator will analyze data first, such as data format, data size or data location…etc, then it will copy the data. If the target can not contain all the data from the source, it will immediately show copy fail.

Whole media copy : (You can select Function 7.2 Copy Area –Whole Media.) Without analyzing data format and data size, the duplicator will copy the entire source flash bit by bit. This provides the safest copy method. However, this is also the slower of the two copy methods.

U-Reach Flash duplicator can support high copy speeds up to 33MB/sec. If you're experiencing slower speeds, consider using Function 6.2 Measure Speed to evaluate the reading and writing speed of your Flash media.

Function 4 Capacity Check: This function helps you determine the true capacity of your Flash media, saving you from potential counterfeit Flash media and assuring the quality of your purchase.

Function 6.2 Measure Speed: A tool that can determine the reading and writing speed of the Flash in just 10 seconds. Use it for quality control reference or to estimate the time needed for a copy task.

Function 6.3 Media Check: An extensive quality inspection tool that does a complete bit-by-bit diagnosis, providing reading and writing speeds of each Flash media during inspection. It also checks for any bad sectors, making it a superb tool for quality control.

We provide 2 diagnostic tools:

Function 6.8 Calc. Checksum is used to confirm source consistency for every duplication task.

Function 2. Compare offers a rigorous hardware bit-by-bit comparison to double-check data after the copy is finished, enhancing data accuracy security.

1. Ensure the BIOS file is unzipped
2. Make sure the BIOS file is stored directly at root without any folder
3. Please check your Flash device's format.(Only FAT16/32 can be recognized.)
4. Use a quality Flash media and try re-downloading the BIOS file
5. Re-download and save the BIOS file again; unstable transmission may cause data loss.
5. Make sure the Bios file matches your product model.

    • Ensure your source data size isn't larger than the target and the source's data location doesn't exceed the target Flash.
    • Ensure NTFS format copying has a target Flash capacity at least 1MB larger than the source.
    • Check your source media on a PC for errors and make sure any SD card used isn't locked.
    1. If you notice that the situation has occurred in the same socket, it could be due to socket damage. We recommend contacting your local seller to exchange the socket for a new one in order to resolve the issue.
    2. Are you using a card reader or converter, such as the MicroSD-to-SD converter or USB card reader, to copy SD/MSD/CF/etc.? The stability of the converter and card reader may vary. We suggest trying another brand of card reader if you encounter any instability. For large-scale copying tasks, we strongly recommend using our professional Flash duplicator. For instance, if you need to copy a substantial number of MicroSD cards, our MicroSD or Combo Flash duplicator would be a great choice. These professional Flash duplicators significantly improve performance and reduce the risk of errors.
    3. To address potential high fail rates with the Flash 8 Series, you can slow down the transmission speed. Simply select Function 7.9 Working Mode to decrease the speed of data transmission. This adjustment can enhance the quality of the copying process.
    4. If a Flash copy fails, please attempt a second copy. Unstable Flash media might lead to data loss during the copying process. If you find that your Flash media frequently requires multiple rounds of copying, it could indicate unstable quality. In such cases, you can choose Function 7.9 Working Mode to slow down the data transmission speed. This can significantly improve the quality of the copying task.

Are you using a card reader or convertor such as the MicroSD-to-SD convertor or USB card reader to copy SD/MSD/CF…etc? The quality of the convertor and card reader could be unstable, please try using another brand of card reader. If you need to do a mass copy task, we strongly suggest that you select our professional Flash duplicator. For example, if you need to copy large quantities of MicroSD card, you can try our MicroSD or Combo Flash duplicator. This professional Flash duplicator can highly increase the performance and reduce the risk of mistakes. Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide the best solution.

Are you using ultra-slim/non-standard USB?If you are using ultra-slim USB, we suggest you to buy a USB extension cable. The connector for the USB extension cable, which is more compact, can solve the issue of USB not being detected.

Are you using multi-device?We can not support multi-device Flash media.A multi-slot, including "all-in-one", card reader is considered a multi-device if multiple memory cards can be accessed under corresponding drive and all drive letters appear simultaneously; for example, USB+MicroS.

Yes, provided the data size and location do not exceed the target Flash.

Yes, but the FAT table of the source Flash media will also be copied, making a 2GB target Flash media appear as 1G. You'll need to reformat the Flash media to display 2GB again. For best results, use the same capacity media for all duplication tasks.