iSecuLog Tamper-free Log Report

Transforming Duplication Control with iSecuLog’s Event Log Report

The Event Log Report has become an essential tool in asset management. It assists users in efficiently supervising and documenting the comprehensive duplication process. Our groundbreaking innovation has made it possible to incorporate this advanced Event Log feature into all U-Reach HDD Duplicators, USB Duplicators, and SD/CF Duplicators. The Event Log report chronicles every detail of each duplication task, such as the work duration, run function, and model and serial numbers of media. This feature has garnered global appreciation for its manifold benefits, six of which have been listed based on user feedback.


Effortless Export of Log Reports via USB Port:

Users can directly export the Log Report via the USB port. The system can record approximately 300,000 operations, equivalent to a year’s activity, without the need for a PC. This feature drastically reduces the time spent typing log reports manually.


Ensuring Source Protection:

The system maintains a detailed record of the number of times a source has been copied, offering an added layer of protection against unauthorized copying.


Eliminating the Need for Hand-Writing Flash S/N:

Manually writing or even typing Flash Serial Numbers (S/N) can be time-consuming and error-prone. The Log Report manages all this information in one go, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


Facilitating Responsibility Allocation:

The production line and Quality Control (QC) can use the log report to trace errors when handling a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). The log helps ascertain whether a client used unrelated or defective flash, if data was not copied successfully, or if other man-made errors occurred.


Efficiently Identifying Flash with Identical S/N:

Using Microsoft Excel to view the log report allows for instant sorting of Flash with the same Serial Number (S/N), removing the need for manual checking.


Streamlining Database Management:

Even when multiple duplicators are daisy-chained, there is no confusion. This feature ensures that the data remains manageable and organized.
Elevate your duplication management with iSecuLog's Tamper-free Log Report. Its globally recognized and user-approved benefits can dramatically enhance efficiency and reliability, making it an invaluable addition to your operations.

Complete HDD duplicator log report



Complete USB drives/memory cards duplicator log report