MT-U Series HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer

  • 1 to 7 MT Ultra Speed Series HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer - MT800U
  • 1 to 15 MT Ultra Speed Series HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer - MT1600U
  • MT-U Series HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer
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    • 7, 15, and 23 Targets Available.
    • Standalone, no PC required to operate.
    • Transfer speeds up to 30 GB/min.
    • Supports multiple SATA I/II/III and 4Kn HDD interfaces with its open platform design.
    • Supports 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD/SSD and IDE HDD via IDE to SATA adapter.

The MT-U series is an ultra-high speed duplicator specially designed for high volume duplication. Using multitasking technology that can simultaneously copy up to 23 targets with a high transfer speed of up to 30 GB per minute. We guarantee the highest productivity without speed degradation, even as the number of targets increase.


  • Speed transfers up to 30 GB per minute.
  • Systems & files code mode supports Windows(FAT16/32/64, NTFS), Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4), Mac(HFS, HFS+, HFSX.)
  • Data Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, secure erase, and DoD erase.
  • Open-platform Design supports multi-interface HDD/SSD.
  • Real-Time PC Monitoring.
  • Supports 2.5", 3.5" SATA HDD, SSD and IDE HDD via IDE_SATA convertor (1 piece IDE to SATA adapter-TB1529 included)
  • Log report management records all task details for better production management.

Versatile Duplication Modes for Various Operating Systems

The MT-U Series supports a wide range of duplication modes, catering to different operating systems and file systems. With its system & files copy mode, you can effortlessly duplicate data on Windows (including FAT16/32/64 and NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4/LVM), and Mac (HFS, HFS+, HFSX) systems. This versatility allows you to duplicate HDDs and SSDs across different platforms with ease.

Duplication Copy Modes

Comprehensive Data Sanitization Options for Enhanced Security

Protecting sensitive data is paramount in today's digital landscape. The MT-U Series offers a range of sanitation modes to meet your varying security needs:

  • Quick Erase: This mode provides a swift and efficient way to erase data from your HDD or SSD, ensuring that no traces of sensitive information remain.
  • Full Erase: For a more thorough data sanitization process, the full erase mode removes all data from the storage device, leaving it completely blank
  • Secure Erase: If you require a higher level of security, the secure erase mode ensures that data is overwritten multiple times, making it virtually impossible to recover.
  • DoD Erase: Compliance with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standards is crucial for certain industries. The DoD erase mode meets these standards by overwriting the data multiple times, providing the highest level of data security.
  • US Army AR 380-19 Erase: The MT-U Series goes above and beyond by offering an erase mode that adheres to the US Army AR 380-19 erase standards. This mode guarantees compliance with military data sanitization requirements.

Open-Platform Design for Enhanced Compatibility

The MT-U Series features an open-platform design that supports multiple SATA I/II/III and 4Kn HDD interfaces. This means that you can effortlessly connect and duplicate various types of HDDs and SSDs, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. Additionally, the inclusion of an IDE to SATA adapter (1 piece IDE to SATA adapter-TB1529 included) expands the device's compatibility to IDE HDDs as well.

Real-Time PC Monitoring for Seamless Operation

Monitoring the duplication process in real-time is essential for efficient management. The MT-U Series offers an optional connection for real-time monitoring on a PC. This feature allows you to view live status updates, including writing/reading speed, total capacity, and current function progress per port. With real-time monitoring, you can stay informed and manage your duplication tasks with ease.

Auto Rejection of Slow Devices

U-Reach duplicators provide advanced features to optimize the HDD and SSD duplication process. One key feature is the auto rejection of slow devices, which allows users to set a minimum writing speed threshold. This ensures that only devices capable of meeting the speed requirement are accepted, eliminating potential bottlenecks.

Verification of Data Integrity

To ensure the accuracy of each duplication, U-Reach duplicators perform a thorough verification of data integrity. skipping bad sectorsThrough a bit-by-bit process, the duplicated data is compared to the original, minimizing customer recalls and ensuring successful copies.

Skipping Bad Sectors

Another valuable feature is the ability to skip bad sectors. Users have the option to bypass unreadable or corrupt data areas on the source device, ensuring a seamless duplication process.

With these innovative features, U-Reach duplicators enhance efficiency, guarantee accurate duplications, and overcome challenges posed by bad sectors.

Event Log Management for Detailed Production Records

Keeping track of duplication tasks and their progress is essential for effective production management. The MT-U Series simplifies this process by providing event log management. The device records important details, including operating durations, individual port copy progressions, connected device models, capacities, serial numbers, and PASS or FAIL results. This comprehensive event log ensures accurate record-keeping and facilitates production analysis.

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Technical Specs

Model: MT Ultra Speed series: MT800U, MT1600U, MT2400U
Maximum Transfer Speed: 30.0GB/min. Actual performance is dependent on HDD transfer speeds
Supported Formats:
  • Quick Copy Function: FAT16/32/64, Windows (NTFS), Linux (Ext2/Ext3/Ext4/LVM), and Mac (HFS, HFS+, HFSX).
  • Whole Device Copy Function: All Formats, including proprietary formats.
  • GPT, MBR, and Advanced Formats.
Supported O/S: All (Windows, Mac, Linux, and other proprietary systems).
Capacity: Supports the largest sized devices available on the market
Supported Languages: English, Japanese
LCD Display: Backlit Monochrome LCD Display
LEDs: 3 LED Indicators per Port: Yellow (Power), Green (Pass), and Red (Fail)
Control Panel: 4 Push Buttons(▲, ▼, OK, ESC)
Operating Type: Stand-alone, FPGA-based operation (Non PC-based)
Controller Design: Embedded controller is designed to support capacities over 18TB+.
Constant improvement supports latest marke-available devices.
Event Log Management:
  • Records: operating durations, individual port copy progressions, connected device models, capacities, serial numbers, and PASS or FAIL results.
  • Device writing/reading speeds are recorded.
  • Log report files are generated through the front USB port and are saved to USB devices.
Real Time PC Monitoring: View live status for: writing/reading speeds, total capacity, current function progress per port.
Read Only Source Port: There are no options to disable this built-in feature and is integrated with all U-Reach duplicators.
Modular Cabling Design: Modular-designed ports effectively reduce downtime and is cost-effective for long-term ownership
4 Copy Modes: Quick Copy (Data & System): Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
All Partitions: Users can skip HPA or unknown partitions.
Whole Device: Copies bit-by-bit from the master device
Percentage Copy: Users can set percentages of capacity to be copied
Compare (Verification): Bit-by-bit data comparison from the source device to target device(s).
7 Sanitization Modes:
  • Quick Erase
  • Full Erase (NIST 800-88)
  • Secure Erase (NIST 800-88)
  • DoD7 Pass Erase [DoD 5220.22-M(ECE)]
  • Enhanced Secure Erase
Skip Bad Sectors: Choose the number of bad sectors to skip.
Minimum Speed: Disable or set minimum threshold speed to drop the slowest device.
Unknown Format: Choose to copy or skip unknown formats.
Erase Source Port: Enable or disable source port from being erased
Scroll Lock: Disable or enable ▲ and ▼ buttons on the control panel.
HPA Copy Modes: Allows user to choose various HPA replication methods
Clear HPA at Erase: Keep or clear HPA settings during sanitization process.
Language: English or Japanese.
Compatible Devices: 1.8"/2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD and SDDs.
Compatible Devices (with required adapter): .5", 3.5” IDE HDD, mSATA SSD, micro SATA, eSATA, iVDRA, M.2(NGFF), CFast, SATA DOM
Compatible Protocol: All MT-U Series require SATA III supported device(s).
Power Requirements: Universal Power: 115VAC or 230VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature: Working: 0°C ~ 60°C
Storage: -20°C ~ 85°C
Humidity: Working: 20% ~ 80%
Storage: 5% to 95%,
Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS, MIL-STD 810H
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